Yifaa industry by offering the whole solution of intelligent manufacturing technology according to the aspect of large-sized reeling sprinkler irrigation machine from Dahua water saving technology Co. Ltd in Guangdong, it made transformation from traditional manual producing method to intelligent automatic production. The solution is to design and develop on the basis of the real pratice in producing and manufacturing of large-sized reeling sprinkler irrigation machine, which solves problems such as difficulties of processing large-sized reel,instability of bonding technique, lower output, high labor cost and so on. So the efficiency gets improvement, the technology gets more stable, the quality becomes higher and save labor cost spending greatly.
The evaluation of this technological solution by customers: It is designed with advanced ideas. However, the technology of exploitation is suitable for the produce needs of company. What is more, it solves problems of instability of bonding technique and improves quality so that the efficiency increases by 35% compared with the traditional way. 
>>The introduction of Dahua water saving technology Co. Ltd in Guangdong
    Dahua water saving technology Co. Ltd in Guangdong buildt in 2003, is a professional high technological enterprises which is also a vice president unit,the chapter of water enterprise association in China consisting of research , manufacture and sale, providing design of saving-water project and construction. As the leader of saving-water industry in China, which is a comprehensive technological firm of the most complete kinds and the widest range, the products in Dahua cover a series of equipments of sprinkling, micro jet and drip irrigation. According to the investigation of all members at home in recently 3 years from water enterprise association in China,irrigation and drainage chapter, the comprehensive power of manufature, project, technical service, produce ability, sales revenue and market share in Dahua ranks top three for three consecutive years.


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