According to requirement from customers to make market-demand and the most economic and reasonable technical sulotions. Meanwhile, provide customers service such as product training and building tests of staging environment.

* Offering comprehensive counseling.

1、Offering comprehensive counseling about products to customers to reduce concerns before purchasing;
2、Giving reasonable advice according to the processing situation of existing products;
3、ommunicating with buyers under honesty, human center and mutual benefit and trust to reach win-win;
4、Learning enough about other enterprises’ consulting purpose and considering users’ input and cost, so making economic and reasonalbe technical solutions.

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    Contact fax: 0663-8322798

    Legal representative: Zheng Zekai

    General manager: Mr. Zheng 13534508899

    Sales manager: Mr. Chen, 17718821264

    Sales  : miss wang, 17718820744

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