• Composited plastic pelletizer
  • 更新時間:2016-06-21
  • This machine is mainlyBecause of taking special technology, its equiment has great transport ability, high-level production and comprehensive functions. What is more, it is hard to occur partial metamorphic degradation, which is your ideal equiment of plastic recycle.

    Model Traction and winding speed(n/s)  The motor power of workhorse(kw)  The motor power of
    sub machine(kw)
    Charging barrel length of workhorse(mm) Charging barrel length of sub machine(mm) Appearance and size of workhorse(mm) Appearance and size of sub machine  (mm) Appearance and size of the total machine (mm) Producig ability (t/d)
    YF180 45 45 22 3300 1400 4300*1200*2200 2500*950*1800 10500*1200*2200 10
    YF160 45 45 15 3000 1200 3900*1000*2200 2300*950*1800 8500*1000*2200  6.0
    YF140 45 37 15 2700 1200 3600*1000*2200 2300*950*1800 8200*1000*2200 4.5

     It can be done according to the demands of size from customers. If specification changes, without prior notice.
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