• Pulverizer of material(with cleaning-material canister and automation of swaging)
  • 更新時間:2016-06-21
  • This machine is adapted to wasted material of project. The defective of broken prilling and all kinds of soft or hard foam-plastic product, as well  as bottle and every film, is the necessary equiment of plastic recycling and processing.
    The knifves of this kind all use removable one. After becoming rust, they can be seperated uniquely.  
    During producing should pay attention to keep knife sharp and import balanced.

    Model Motor power(kw) Power of swagig(KW) Swing diameter(mm) Rotary cutter Stationary cutter Workload(kg/h) Size of machine(mm*mm*mm)
    YF1200-600 75 4 600 9 6 3000 2150*2150*2460
    YF1000-600 55 4 600 9 6 2400 2150*2100*2350
    YF800-600 55 4 600 6 4 2000 2000*2000*2250
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