• PE/PP two-layer co-extrusion(the type of water blowing cooling)film blowing machine in  form of die head
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    1.This series unit is the product of absorbing advanced technology in domestic and overseas in my factory, adopting the system of doubole plastic extruder screw, automatic temperature control in precision and supported with famous electronic applications.
    2.Extruders’ machine barrels and screws both use superior double alloy steel, with the best rigidity and corrosion resistance through nitridation and elaborate processing.
    3.The whole structure is reasonalbe, with high effiency, low energy and stable character. The products from it is the perfect equiment of high-quality packaging film, with high strength, high transparency and highly tear resistance.
    ** water rings of refrigeration precool and calibration dies overflow automatically by water cooling, with stable vesicles and well-ditribution thickness.
    *hot-wind drying device makes the surface of thin film dry and comfortable, which is beneficial to corona treatment.
    *extruder with high product and well plastify.
    *the operation electrical control system is reliable.
    *apply to PP, LDPE, MLLPE and so on like raw material producing.
    *thin film of PP is the best packing material of upscale clothes, artware,photos, gifts and food, which has characters of bright and transparent.
    Main technical parameters
    Models YF-600 YF-800 YF-1000 YF-1200 YF-1400
    Screw diameter(mm) Ø45×2 Ø50×2 Ø55×2 Ø60×2 Ø65×2
    Screw ratio 1:28 1:30 1:30 1:30 1:30
    Main motor power(kw) 11KW×2 15KW×2 18.5KW×2 22KW×2 30KW×2
    Sheet width(kg/h) 50 70 90 110 130
    Product width(mm) 400 600 800 1000 1200
    Thickness(mm) 0.02-0.10 0.02-0.10 0.02-0.10 0.02-0.10 0.02-0.10
    Traction and winding speed 30-60 30-60 30-60 30-60 30-60
    Boundary dimension(m)
    4*2.5*4 4.5*2.5*4.2 5.5*3.5*4.8 6*4.5*5.2 6.5*5*6
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