• Plastic pelletizer
  • 更新時間:2016-06-07
  • This series uses totally enclose way , and during producing, the droplet is less, noise is low, with broken, transporting, brushing and chopping. It is mainly used in prilling of wasted plastics recovery, not only suitable for LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE, but also for films, pieces, bags, silk and net. It is with high production, good quality and low energy. 

    Technology parameters:
    Model  Daily production(t/d)  Pelletizers motor power(kw) Main motor power(kw) Die head motor power(kw) Electro-thermal power(kw) The total size(mm)
    YF100 1.5  1.5(6pole)  11(6pole) 1.5(6pole) 13 6000*1400*1600
    YF120 2.5 2.2(6pole) 18.5(6pole) 2.2(6pole) 18 6200*1450*1650
    YF140 4.0 2.2(6pole) 30(6pole) 2.2(6pole) 22 6400*1480*1680
    YF150 5.0 2.2(6pole) 37(6pole) 2.2(6pole) 28 6500*1480*1700
    YF160 6.0 2.2(6pole) 45(6pole) 2.2(6pole) 30 6500*1500*1700

     It can be done according to the demands of size from customers. If specification changes, without prior notice.
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