• PET bottle flake cleaner-cold wash
  • 更新時間:2016-06-08
  • PET bottle flake cleaner-cold wash, absorbs domestic and oversea advanced  technology of model machine in our company, with advanced cleaning equiment in this line at home. From the beginning to finished products, this machine wash wasted plastics in standard, like coke bottle. Thanks to simple and effective design of this producing line, it makes this machine popular and attracted in the area of enviormental protection. It is also one of the equiment which enviormental apartment of our country recommend actively. And it will bring great economic benefit to customers in enviormental pretection and energy effectiveness.

    Equipment parameter: 
    The model of product line Mating motive(KW) Throughput(t/d) Remark
    YF800*600 85 40 Act according to circumstances

    It can be done according to the demands of size from customers. If specification changes, without prior notice.
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